Friday, June 13, 2014

Get Acquainted With A Female Hair Loss Solution To Treat Your Hair Thinning Issues

Contrary to popular belief, men are not the only ones going through the trauma of hair fall, thinning hair, or bald patches. This rather distressing phenomenon is known to affect a sizeable percentage of women from different age groups as well. Moreover, with a social stigma generally attached to hair fall in women, the fairer sex may often find themselves cornered on this issue and suffering in silence.

Some women change their hair styles to camouflage the thinning patches. Others start looking for practical ways and means to fight back the signs of hair fall and reverse this rather embarrassing trend. The idea is to understand more about a female hair loss solution that can treat thin and lackluster tresses and enhance the manageability, volume, and fullness of the hair strands.

Understanding female hair loss

Before we delve into the solution for hair loss in women, we need to understand the specifics of the issue at hand.

For women dealing with a "more than normal" hair fall, the thinning of hair may be visible all over the crown. Some women may witness a gradual widening of the central parting in their hair, while others may have to deal with noticeable sparse patches at the top of the head. These problems come up when the hair growth cycles are not optimized and can lead to large clumps of hair falling off when you are brushing or shampooing your hair strands.

According to experts, the causes for hair loss in women could be anything from hormonal imbalances, improper eating habits, lack of sleep, severe physical or emotional stress, and use of harsh hair care products, to heredity factors. Once you identify the causes for hair loss, the female hair loss solution specific to you should not be hard to decipher.

You can consult a doctor to know more about the specific cause of your rampant hair fall. For instance, your doctor might recommend a few tests to rule out thyroid problems and hormonal imbalances causing havoc with your hair.

So, how can we go about treating hair loss and ensure thicker, fuller hair?

Use hair regrowth treatment containing Minoxidil

Minoxidil is the only FDA-approved ingredient to treat hair fall and regrow hair. This vasodilator promotes oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the hair follicles. It is now being used to formulate hair regrowth treatments by leading hair care brands.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

One of the significant causes of hair fall in women is the extreme stress they may have to deal with at work or even within their personal spaces. This kind of stress can lead to a sudden shedding of hair strands, which could last for six to eight months after the initial trigger, such as a sudden increase in work pressure or an emotionally distressing event taking place.

So, you would need to stay relaxed and in a positive state of mind as far as possible, despite the hectic work schedules or social obligations. The female hair loss solution in this case would be something as simple as taking up an activity you might be interested in that can keep your mind off the pressing issues 24x7, so that you are in a better frame of mind to deal with them later on. You can also practice meditation every day to keep your nerves calm and your body healthy. This would also reflect on the health of your tresses and help you get back the thicker, fuller hair you were accustomed to before the hair strands started falling out.

Eat healthy and well-balanced meals, so that your body gets all the nutrients needed to maintain the health of your tresses. Salmon is rich in proteins, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids and good for your hair. You can also get all the intake of essential fatty acids from avocado, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds.

Drink adequate amounts of water to flush out toxins from the body and maintain the health of your hair.

Take care of your thinning hair

Go easy on the blow dryers and curling irons to prevent damage to thin hair as well as accidental breakage. Do not rub wet hair strands vigorously, rather use a soft towel to pat dry the hair instead to ensure that the strands do not break and fall off.

Damaged hair needs special care and looking after to ensure that the hair strands appear thicker and fuller. Use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners to preserve the youthful look of your tresses. Stay away from products that contain harsh chemicals to protect hair strands.

You can also opt for hair styling products from leading hair care brands to enhance the manageability of your thinning hair strands while giving your hair a glossy appearance. A styling product can add to the volume of your hair and hide the magnitude of hair loss. If you are getting ready for a social get together and need help in styling your thinning tresses according to latest trends, such a product can be the female hair loss solution you were looking for.

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